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Mitch Propster

...is our founding passion. The decision to focus his talents on natural products stemmed directly from an early stream of testimonials bearing witness to the efficacy of his emerging Salvia Hispanica product line. Tapping well over a decade of experiences ranging from personal training to technology and marketing to direct sales, Mitch has gathered a team of professionals not only highly competent in their own fields, but who also share his dedication to the procurement, distribution, education and marketing of premium nutritional products. 
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In 2002, after launching his first nutritional e-commerce company, Propster discovered the efficacy of a unique seed known today as “Salvia Hispanica”, a cultivar of the chia family. As a pioneer in bringing this supergrain to the North American marketplace, he transformed this little known seed into one the most well respected products today. His award winning line includes Premium and Milled seeds, Oil Blended Omega Softgels, Diabetic Safe Energy Bars, and cutting edge applications for this nutritional powerhouse.   Mitch dedicates himself to the profitable introduction of products through careful research ensuring supply chain sustainability. The success of these efforts is apparent through his leadership in gaining an industry first as Finalist for the 2008 “NutrAward”, “Best New Supplement” by Better Nutrition, “Most Innovative” by Frontier Distributors, and Propster himself being honored as one of  Natural Food Merchandiser’s “Top 40 Under 40” CEO’s in the nutrition industry. 
Our Team

John Corella

Propster  - Top 40 Under 40 CEO  (2008)
Mr. Corella has been mastering marketing and the development of technology and wellness since 1990. As a founder of Solomon Galt, Inc., he has  vast strategic level experience in developing technology based marketing solutions for media and CPG companies. He maintains close ties with thought leaders in the health and wellness, entertainment, retailer and technology communities.   As part of his CMME business model, John established an independent marketing group targeting product distribution and sales, that not only includes event and product demostration promotions, but specializes in projects ranging from local marketing and outreach to utilizing radio, TV and social media. John’s unique experience as a targeted communications provider for the Latino population blends a fusion of entertainment and technology, with a sophisticated approach that embraces acculterated marketing and geo-targeting. 

Lucy Rubio

A Native Peruvian experienced in sales and distribution within Latin American Markets, as well as the sourcing of unique raw materials, Ms. Rubio is an asset to our team.   For over six years Lucy dedicated herself to the beverage industry specializing in Latin Sales channels in Central Florida. Tapping that experience she turned to the Nutritional Industry where she continuously hones her skills in the research of cutting edge seeds, grains and the raw materials from both her Native Peru, as well as the rest of South America. While her passion is professional dance, her aspirations lie in the continuing study and understanding of the history of South American Superfoods and how they can provide both stability to developing nations and profitability to growing companies.
John Corella - Marketing Lucy Rubio - Latin American Sales Mitch Propster - Founder